EBPO Purpose


The EBPO, recognizing that fine arts in general, and music in particular, are a vital part of an effective high school academic program, pledges to actively assist, encourage and support the band program at Thomas A. Edison High School (EHS) of Alexandria, Virginia. To this end, the EBPO is organized exclusively to provide charitable, non-profit support to the Edison band, which includes marching band, concert band, symphonic band, percussion ensemble, indoor drumline, and color guard.


The EBPO membership shall consist of the parents and/our guardians of Edison Band program students and the Director of the Bands of Thomas A. Edison High School.  The EBPO voting membership shall consist of: The EBPO officers, the Edison Band Director, and those parent/guardian members present at the time of the vote.


Parents’ time and talents are essential to the success of the program.  Parent volunteers are chaperones, pit crew members, cooks, servers, uniform managers, drivers, fundraisers, and fans, among other roles. Please get involved to better understand what the students are going through and to get to know each other.  The Band Program doesn’t work without your help. It’s a great group of fun parents and you get to be involved in an important part of your student’s high school experience!

For more details on our organization structure please refer to our Bylaws.

Edison Band Parent Organization (EBPO) Bylaws (February 2022)